Warehousing, Bagging, Packaging And Railway Rack Loading

Warehousing, Bagging, Packaging And
Railway Rack Loading


Bagging, packing and Railway wagon loading

We provide services of covered warehousing and open storage area according to requirements of our clients with our owned and associates warehouse and storage yards for all material, equipment’s, machineries and special cargo throughout India.

Our warehouse facilities are well equipped with adequate equipment’s and skilled manpower for loading, unloading of cargo and to store it. We also provide cold storage facilities at various destinations to serve the storage need of pharmaceutical, Agro and Marine Industries.

We are one of leading contractor for bagging and packing of different material such as fertilizer, sugar and agri products at major ports and fertilizer industries. We do bagging and packing more than 1.5 million tonne cargo every year.

We own state of the art mechanised bagging, packing and railway wagon loading equipment’s and huge force of skilled manpower to do round the clock operations.