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Let’s save the Mother Nature

We believe in introducing an evolution where recycling and reusing is a custom. A country in which the adverse effects of the manufacturing industry is trim down by eco-friendly processes. Till date, we deal with recycling of rubber, manufacturing of goods, packaging and a lot more to save our Mother Nature from hazardous air or water.

Group CNJ’s Ecofriendly Recycling of Tyres Involves the Following Process:

Renowned as a leading rubber recycling company globally, we assemble waste and scrap tyres across the globe and process them under hi-tech, scalable and environment friendly plants that results generating – 0% waste and pollution. Yes, you heard it right! Moreover, Group CNJ’s research and development has worked day and night to develop various value added products from the recycled junks (waste tyres) backed with following innovative applications like:

  1. Ultrafine Crumb Rubber & Chips: Used for rubber compounds in rubber industry inclusion of tyres.
  2. Crumb rubber Modifier: Highly used for mixing with Bitumen to make rubberized bitumen as end product.
  3. Reclaim Rubber used as a raw material in rubber product industry.
  4. Hi carbon Steel scrap for melting and product reuse.
  5. Hi carbon solid steel shots for the purpose of shot blasting.
"We Are Striving Hard To Make Our Planet A Better Place To Live!"