Crumb Rubber & Chips

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Crumb rubber is a term usually applied to recycled rubber from automotivesample impromptu speech topics and truck scrap tires. During the recycling process steel and fluff is removed leaving tire rubber with a granular consistency. We manufacture Crumb Rubber Granules from 1 to 10mm up to 30 mesh size. We also manufacture rubber chips of 50 x 50 and 20 mm steel free sizes.

It is an activity that is environment friendly and ecologically sensitive. Recycled Rubber Granules produced by our plant are used in various applications such as reclaim sheets, sports field and astroturf, asphalt rubber road, etc. It is an excellent substitute for natural or synthetic rubber and possesses all the qualities expected from rubber used in manufacturing of various rubber products.

Crumb Rubber & Chips

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